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Neplay Events is coming with some freaking events in coming days!!
We all working for togetherness of all Nepalease living all over Australia And Nepal.

Neplay Events will try to Entertain with Varieties of our Upcoming Events & movies . Our Aim is to Protect our Culture and maintain a good relationship among Nepalese community. We need your Love & Support .

As our Previous Event was “The Unity ” . The Hip Hop Legend Performance was Epic & well Appreciated by Huge crowd. On the Occasion of Easter Holiday 2014 In same Event we Tried few different Steps which worked & was Memorable. Few local Talented Artists Performances was the support for our Hip hop Legends “The Unity ” , We did try First Ever Fashion show in a Nepalese Event which was the Really A Great Concept according to our Audiences. It was only 6 hours of Entertainment . With the likes of DJ’s ,local Talent , Fashion Show & “The Unity” & Thanks to All the Awesome Crowd For Making it Huge . We would like to Thanks EveryOne for the Support in our very first Event .

Our Second Project was Movie Kabaddi with Smart Access Australia Well the name is Enough to Describe. After successful Shows all over the world , It was time for Melbourne & the movie Made history by Breaking all records with Four House full Shows . This movie was all over the melbourne among Nepalese community. . 2014 June 1st was the first show though the movie lovers had to wait for 1st show Due to few Events already Fixed during that Period . No words to Thanks our Sponsors media Partners & viewers . All to say is keep loving Nepali Events & Movies Thank you Melbourne.

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Meet The Team

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Sanjay Kumar sha (Happy Prince)



Katrina Josef



xyz skakasa

IT Head


Jonson Hardick

Brand Manager

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